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活動規劃。 我們身為專業,公共和私人結構(技術,工程:聲音,光線,視頻,活動管理,全

部或零件以及通訊,PR或T.I.E.C.:4個核心專業人士提供服務的核心職業 完整的解決方


THE CREATIVE VERSATILITY ! FRENCH TOUCH EVENTS Ltd. Taiwan Branch, follows your company, government structure, schools & association, you for analyzing, advising , supporting and organizing your events which could be : Lunch of new products, corporate events, opening of enterprise places, charity events, wedding, birthday parties, galas. We realize the analyzing of the event (environment, scenic design and decoration, entertainments, schedule, strategies of communication) and the realization as well (installation of the set-up, management of the different suppliers, your clients, the activities. FRENCH TOUCH EVENTS LTD. TAIWAN BRANCH intervenes mainly in the event industry in Taiwan. We have been offering our services for 4 years of existence to professional, public and private structures (Technics, En- gineering: sound, light, video, Event management, all or part, and Com- munication, PR, or T.I.E.C. : 4 core professions to offer a full solution) and more than 10 years of activity in Europe in the same industry to develop a professional environment and bring true value to our clients. .

Recent Events

  • 羅納迪諾迺台灣2022:抽獎

    2022/12/10 18:00(+0800)
    羅納迪諾(Ronaldinho)選擇透過自己的形象,與“勵馨基金會”合作,為該基金會舉辦募款活動,以幫助在亞洲、世界各地的弱勢及婦女權利。 這次的活動也將是宣傳主要合作夥伴勵馨基金會的機會,希望能為捍衛亞洲和世界各地婦女、LGBTQ+ 及未成年權利的勵馨基金會募款。將透過一場大型線
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  • 羅納迪諾迺台灣 2022

    2022/12/10 18:00(+0800)
    羅納迪諾,真名羅納度·德·阿西斯·莫雷拉,是一名巴西足球運動員。他於 1980 年 3 月 21 日出生於巴西阿雷格里港。小羅納度從小就對足球充滿熱情。他在一個簡樸的家庭中成長,父親是一位焊工,同時也是當地足球俱樂部的一名中場球員。爸爸將他對足球的熱情傳遞給了他的兒子,因此從小羅納
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